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What are the advantages of using vacuum impregnating equipment?

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What are the advantages of using vacuum impregnating equipment?

Published: 2017-05-22 Author: Clicks:

We often use the vacuum impregnation equipment to send some of the settings why impregnating, then what are the benefits of impregnation?

For the benefit of dipping, vacuum varnish is the primary benefit of manufacturers.

1. Raise the machine strength of the winding. After dipping the paint, the wires of the winding are bonded to each solid hall, thereby strengthening the machine strength of the winding and reducing insulation loosening and wear due to electromagnetic force, vibration and thermal expansion and contraction.

2. Electrical function. After dipping, the winding turns, the phase and the gap between the insulating layer and the insulating material are filled with insulating paint, which basically eliminates bubbles and turns into solid insulation with high voltage resistance, thus improving the electrical function of winding insulation.

3. Elevate the heat resistance and thermal conductivity of the winding insulation. The insulation gap of the winding before dipping is filled with atmosphere and poor thermal conductivity.

4. Raise the moisture resistance and chemical stability of winding insulation. Before dipping, moisture and moisture will make the insulation material aging and function deterioration. After dipping, the insulation paint will fill the capillary and gap of the insulation material, and become a slippery film, making moisture and moisture difficult to invade, dust and corrosive gases will not work and the winding directly crossing. Moreover, the winding insulation handled by special dipping paint also possesses the abilities of dew proof, corona proof, anticorrosion and oil proof.

This is the introduction of vacuum dipping equipment manufacturers for the advantages of dipping, if you want to know more about this knowledge, please contact us. Finally, I wish everyone a happy life.

Vacuum impregnating equipment

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