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Static mixing vacuum pressure pouring equipment

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Static mixing vacuum pressure pouring equipment


Static mixing vacuum pressure pouring equipment

Main features of static mixing vacuum pressure casting equipment

1. Advanced static mixing system

Adopting advanced static mixing technology, metering pump high-pressure feeding, static mixer continuous mixing, feeding, static mixing, automatic pouring continuous operation, automatic pouring process; the components involved in mixing are very small, the viscosity of the material after mixing is low, while mixing and pouring, the permeability and wettability are excellent, and the quality of the pouring product is guaranteed. Certificate: Mixing and pouring process are controlled automatically to prevent operator from misoperation. The amount of mixed residue is very small, which can effectively reduce material loss and protect the environment to the greatest extent.

2. Automatic pouring distribution system

The automatic pouring valve is used to connect each gate with the corresponding mold, and the touch screen is used for on-site control. The pouring quantity of each set of mold can be automatically controlled by the metering pump. The pouring quantity of each batch is recorded in the computer statistics, which is convenient for inquiry and tracking.

3. Perfect vacuum system.

All the materials, ingredients, feeding and pouring of the equipment are carried out in vacuum during the production process, which can effectively remove moisture and other gas impurities and ensure that the pouring products meet the insulation grade requirements.

4. Reliable metering system

For static mixing pouring equipment, the metering pump made of super-hard and wear-resistant material is used for metering, and the operation is reliable. The dynamic metering accuracy can be guaranteed to be less than 1% and the service life can be more than 1 million times. Achieve accurate material preparation control.

5. Advanced and safe heating technology.

Heat conduction oil is used as heat transfer medium in mixing tank for degassing treatment, which has the advantages of safety, reliability, high precision of temperature control, good uniformity of temperature and no local overheating.

The pouring tank with the pouring mold is heated by high reliability electric heating element, which has the advantages of energy saving, simplicity, reliability and beauty.

6. Advanced and reliable measurement and control system

The main control system adopts computer control technology, and the key process and the procedure easily misoperated manually adopt computer interlocking control technology. Process modification, process curve recording and process parameter adjustment can be easily realized by computer. The metering control and vacuum control of the whole set of equipment can be set automatically. The overall performance of the measurement and control system has reached the international advanced level.

7, a variety of measures to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment.

From the source of design, we should strengthen the quality consciousness, and the selection and matching are all original brand products.

Each unit system is designed according to modular design, and the assembly tests are qualified before leaving factory.

The important systems, such as metering, vacuum and electronic control, are simulated and operated according to the actual working conditions of users to further enhance the adaptability of the system.

The vacuum system, heating system and pressure tank with safety requirements are all equipped with reasonable safety interlocking measures, which shall be manufactured, installed and inspected in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant state departments.

Flow chart of static mixing automatic vacuum pressure pouring equipment:

Flow chart of static mixing automatic vacuum pressure pouring equipment

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