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Vacuum casting equipment for iron core reactor

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Vacuum casting equipment for iron core reactor


Vacuum casting equipment for iron core reactor

Vacuum pouring equipment for iron core reactor: mainly used for 35 kV and below epoxy resin pouring dry transformer, transformer, reactor, dry sleeve, pot insulator high voltage switch insulator and motor production, can also be used for epoxy resin encapsulated power, electronic components of vacuum pouring molding.

Working Principle: Using different working units, under the condition of isolating air, the pouring materials are treated, dehydrated and degassed, heated to a certain temperature, then mixed evenly according to the required proportion, and poured into the coil mold in full vacuum state.

Features: the epoxy casting equipment produced by our company is simple in structure, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Learn from German technology and standards, design and develop a series of products that are suitable for domestic manufacturers. It can meet a variety of process requirements, including with and without fillers. Universal unit design can be flexibly matched to meet the needs of future equipment upgrades.

Equipment composition:

1. Vacuum pouring tank: according to the use of circular and rectangular two kinds, according to different processes and vacuum-pressure type and pure vacuum type, manual or automatic pouring mode.

2. Material handling system: Adopt improved membrane degassing stirring technology, better and easier to remove moisture and air from the material. All the interfaces on the tank body are standardized, not only interchangeable, but also convenient for the upgrade of equipment in the future.

3. material mixing metering processing system: according to the level of automation, it can be divided into two types: static mixing and dynamic mixing.

4. vacuum system: mainly consists of vacuum pump group, vacuum filter, vacuum valve, pipe and so on.

5. heating system: casting tank is heated directly by electric heating plate. The mixing tank is heated indirectly by heat conducting oil, and the material conveying pipeline adopts constant temperature electric heating with tropical heat preservation.

6. Pneumatic system: Compressed air source, control valve, pressure detection system, etc., used for the control of vacuum, material valves.

7. cooling water system: it is mainly used for cooling some vacuum pumps and condensers. At present, our company has developed the casting equipment which does not need cooling water.

8. Control system: for the whole system operation control, simple without material measurement system, directly controlled by relays. PLC-PC is used to control the vacuum degree, temperature adjustment and pouring process according to the technological requirements, and to realize the linkage protection and interlock of each action to avoid human error operation. All operations are recorded in detail and have been searched. You can also set up different operation permissions to ensure the safety of equipment and products.

9. Other parts: disposal unit of silicon powder can be configured according to customer's requirement, including transportation of silicon powder, pre-heating and drying of silicon powder, pre-mixing pre-degassing with resin or curing agent, formula metering of silicon powder and resin, curing agent, toughening meter and emergency cooling device of static mixer, etc.

10. The epoxy automatic filling equipment for small electronic components produced by our company has a high degree of automation, dose error is less than 5%, and die positioning is accurate. The casting part is equipped with 1-5 casting heads, which can be poured synchronously and realize continuous production.

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