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Vacuum filling chamber

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Vacuum filling chamber


Vacuum filling chamber

Description: Vacuum oil injection equipment is mainly used for amorphous alloy transformer, high voltage oil immersed transformer, capacitor vacuum oil injection. It can also be used for vacuum filling of other electric products. Oil treatment equipment is used for vacuum filtration treatment of transformer oil for oil-immersed transformer under 500KV voltage grade.

Working Principle: In vacuum environment, the product to be injected is vacuum degassed. After the vacuum degree is reached, the treated insulating oil is injected into the body, and the injected oil can be controlled by flowmeter. Because the insulating paint can be fully immersed into the gap of the product coil in vacuum environment, the oil immersion ability is improved, and the insulation strength of the coil is greatly improved.

Features: The amount of oil injected into each product is controlled independently and can be set in advance. The speed of oil injection can also be adjusted to meet the requirements of different processes. The oil tank is equipped with heating system and placed on the oil injection tank, which not only saves space, but also facilitates the control of oil injection. The bottom of the oil tank can be equipped with electric raceway or trolley. The vacuum system is equipped with a vacuum filter to place volatile oil vapor and water vapor into the vacuum pump.

Oil tank can be designed to be round and square according to customer's requirements, and can also be heated with or without heating. For the oil injection of the transformer, it is generally to directly empty the body and inject oil, and control the amount of oil injection through the level meter.

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